Paddling Tips and Info

Paddleboarding is a cross between kayaking and surfing and if you are neither of the two then you must love paddling and standing on your board. Planning to jumpstart your paddling course on your free time? Sure! But before going out and starting to do so, we prepared a list just for you to save you from the first-day-school-like hassle. You must have already included in your backpack some of the items we listed below but be sure to double check for the sake of… well, being sure. All right, enough said. Let us walk through the things you must bring. Happy check-your-list time!

First of all, let us talk about the essentials when going out for a paddle.
– Stand Up Paddleboard. Who can paddle without this? Be sure to take the board of your style and familiarize yourself with it. We recommend checking out the different styles in the rentals area and try them before buying your own.
– Paddle. Of course, you can use your hands if you forget to bring them but that would be surfing and you just agreed that you are in between kayaking and surfing, so do not forget these!
– Life jacket. All right, we get it, you are a professional swimmer so why wear one? Take note that in some location, it is required to wear a life jacker beginner or not. You will never know what the waves may bring or what your body may surprise you with. Better safe than sorry.
– Paddle leash. Seriously, do not forget these and get lost in the ocean.

For your swimming clothes, of course, this depends on where you are going to take the paddles.
– For cold waters take your dry suit, neoprene top, and shorts.
– For warm waters take your rashguard and your usual board shorts.
– Of course, do not forget your footwear. We do not want walking barefoot all the way through your paddling adventure.

Some things you might consider taking with you…
– A dry bag. Everything valuable goes inside like your wallet, phone, and camera. Always take your valuable with you.
– Hydration waist pack. Let’s admit the fact that being in the waters will make us so thirsty after a while of fun splash playing and mingling. Always bring a hydration pack with you.
– SUP carry and transport cart. That is if your SUP is not portable or inflatable.
– Repair putty. Just in case something crazy happens.
– Protective rail tape and extra fin.

Wops, some other things you should bring…
– Sun hat and visor. These can save you from the ravaging heat of the sun while you paddle.
– Sunglasses. More than fashion, these can actually make your eyes comfortable under the sun.
– Sunscreen
– Lip balm
– Water
– Snacks

Did we forget anything? Hit us with a message if you think we missed something, like pillows or lollies?

Paddle boarding is a sure fun activity¬†especially on a whale watching victoria bc, it does not only kill time during our vacation trip or long weekend but it also promotes healthy mind and body. Some people even combine paddleboarding with yoga postures and exercises cause, why not? Who would not love the sound of the rushing waters and the fresh air subtly blowing while the birds chirp above and the sun perfectly shining- what a perfect day, right? So, we are here to discuss the basics do’s and don’ts of paddle boarding. Of course, before we dive in and go out there in the waters, be sure to read the points below. If you are a beginner, don’t worry you will just be fine and you will soon find the perfect posture and techniques so you could stay afloat in the waters while you wander off. Be sure to keep this in mind and just keep on practicing and you will be ready to race off with others.

Paddle Boarding Do’s
Do expect a whole-body workout. Did you know? Paddle boarding burns more calorie versus other exercises? Before you go paddle boarding, it’s best to have a quick warm up to prevent sore muscles.

Do sit down when you’re tired. It’s okay, everybody gets tired even the most athletic person in the world. If you are feeling tired paddling here and then, then you can have a good sit on your board or even lay down for a minute break.

Do check your gears. Although you might be a good swimmer, always bring a life jacket with you because you will never know what will happen besides the U.S. Coast Guards paddleboarders to have PFDs.

Paddle Boarding Don’ts
Don’t invest too early yet. It’s no lie, paddle boards are expensive and costly depending on the brand and specs that you are eyeing on, regardless of which, boards are still expensive ranging from $600 to $2,000. What we can advise is before you buy one, try and rent some first and familiarize yourself with it and find your soulmate, the perfect paddle board for you and go head out for a shopping when you already found the one.

Don’t look down. Okay, we have always encountered and witnessed this with beginners. Stop looking downwards once you are riding your paddle board. Always keep your head straight and up and keep looking where you are going. If you have further questions or additions, then send us a message or join our community today.

Paddleboarding is a sure fun activity to do whether you are a summer person or an autumn fanatic- if you could bear with the coldness, then to waves you go! If you are one of the waves or water lover like us then you are probably thinking some of the best places to spend your alone time with nature moments around the globe. Fret not cause today we prepared a list containing few places you might want to visit on your next vacation trip. Prepare your vacation leave letter now as you read through the list below.

Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Anyone here who doesn’t know the island of Hawaii? Wow, you better check this out! Ride the waves as the sun perfectly light above, tell your friends about this epic place.Hawaii is known as the nest of the surfers and swimmers, it’s no biggie that this one is on our list. During the winter, Sunset Beach in Oahu is gathering water lovers around for their winter competition. On the other hand, during summer we could recommend that you go for paddleboarding because the ocean is a lot calmer.

Santa Cruz, California

Next stop, California. Yes, the water is a bit chilly as it may seem but all year round, if you are a water lover you’ll be on your swimming attire to go out for a swim or a paddle, right? This place is recommended for beginners, there are a lot of board rentals, lessons, and guide around the are along with the surfers, kayakers, and a few whale lurking around (if you’re lucky to see them around).

Bali, Indonesia

Well-known for its year-round water sports and recreation, Bali in Indonesia is loved by both professional and beginners. After a good paddleboarding session, you might also want to check on hiking and trekking activities available around the area as well. Diving is also one of the best activity options.

The Turks and Caicos Islands

Okay, we are not talking about tacos here. Paddleboarding is on the rise in Caicos Islands due to its calm and clear waters just perfect for a broad day paddle. There are also services around the area offering a tour or island hopping packages if you wish to explore more.

Perth, Australia

Australia is known for its naturally abundant scenic views such as the big waves in New South Whales adored by many surfers around the world. But in Wester Australia, a city called Perth is perfect for paddleboarding. We suggest you head to Swan River, a perfect location for beginners and starters.

That’s it for now, don’t forget to check on us daily for more updates and cool articles like this one! If you have any addition to our list, do not hesitate to send us a message and share your paddleboarding paradise with us!